What is a verified badge on Instagram?

What is a verified badge on Instagram?

Instagram is a famous social media channel that every age group loves to use, but before starting up with Instagram it is important to know about the verified badge on Instagram. Most of us will wonder that what is that verify badge?? The verified badge is a verification of your account that it is authentic and capable of representing a celebrity, public figure or global brands. If a check appears next to the profile and account name it mean, the account is verified otherwise not.

What is the purpose of verification badge?

Nowadays it’s a common trend among people to get attention and followers by maintaining the account by acting as a celebrity or star. These fake peoples talk with public as if they are the celebrity they follow, they play with general public feeling. To control this problem verified badge is used that confirms your identity, mean what you are, once you have proved your identity then fake people will no more play with your fans feeling. So whenever you follow account see the verification badge check first.

How can you request for verification?

This feature is yet new in Instagram only a few of the brands and celebrities yet got the verification badge. If any brand or celebrity did not get the verification badge then there is no need to request because it is new, and Instagram is working on it. Soon all the celebrities and brands will get it.

Issues in verification badge:

Verification badge is new in Instagram and is facing issues as follow:

  • Followers are the asset of any social media; in fact, its numbers of followers that measure the success or failure of any social media. Luckily, Instagram is the social media having the most followers. To verify this great mass is very difficult and tricky.
  • Verification of celebrities account is somehow easy, with voice, match account can be verified but brands normally try shotgun approach. They don’t really bother to verify the account
  • To verify account voice match is used, some people are very good at mimicry that they can copy the voice and are verify the account of celebrity they want. The process of verification needs improvement and further strict security check
  • Many brands do not bother to verify their account. They are so much busy in expanding their business that they do not care about other who are creating a fake account and selling their fake things by using the name of renowned brands. There should be awareness among people and brands to go for verification to stop all the fake people from cheating others.
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