How do I log out of Instagram?

How do I log out of Instagram?

How to Logout Of InstagramSometimes people share a device so they all use their Instagram accounts there, and sometimes one person manages multiple Instagram accounts on one device. Either way, you have to know how to log out of the Instagram account to be able to manage multiple accounts or to let someone else use his Instagram account on the device you are currently using.

Logging Out on an iPhone or iPad

You can log out on iPhone or iPad by launching the Instagram application and then go to Options menu where is log out button. If you can not find this button, then you update your Instagram application and look again. If you still have the same problem, the one other way to log out is to uninstall and then reinstall Instagram application again. You can also change your password to log out.

When you tap the Profile button in the bottom-right corner you will open the Profile screen.

There tap the Gear button in the upper-right corner of the Profile screen to go to the Options menu.

Then scroll down and tap “Log Out.” After confirming, you’ll be logged out and returned to the Sign In screen.

Again, if the Log Out button is missing, first try to update Instagram application and if you do not have your Log Out button even after that, you should uninstall and reinstall the Instagram application. You do not have to be afraid that you will lose any data by doing this.

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To delete your application press and hold the applications on your home screen until they start to wiggle and then tap the “X” in the corner of the Instagram app icon. After that, you will have to confirm that you want to delete the application and data.

When you are finished, you can download and install the Instagram application again from the App Store. You’ll be prompted to log in when you start it up.

Logging Out on Android

To log out on Android you launch your Instagram  and you should be able to log out of the application from within the application’s settings.

If, after you tap the Instagram icon, you are asked to sign in your username and password, you are already logged out and don’t need to take any further action.

Tap the Profile button in the lower-right corner. This is usually the icon which looks like a small ID card or the silhouette of a person.

If you start on your Instagram again and you are taken directly into camera mode, this means you were using the camera just before you exited out of Instagram last time. You will not be able to see the profile icon in camera mode, so you will have to tap the “X” in the top left of your screen, or use your device’s “back” button to exit.

Then just tap the ? button to open the Options menu in the upper-right corner of the Profile screen and you will be able to see your Instagram options.

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If you scroll down to the bottom and tap “Log Out”  you will see the question if you are sure that you want to log out. Confirm that to complete the process. After you log out, you will be again on the Instagram login screen. You will have to provide your username or email and password of your registered Instagram account if you want to use Instagram again.

So, whether you use iPhone, iPad or Android, Instagram provided various ways to log out and log in again. You can manage your multiple accounts however you want, or you can share your device with friends without any worry.

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