Why Fashion and beauty brands love Instagram

Why Fashion and beauty brands love Instagram

Instagram is visual content platform and it all about beauty and shine, and beautiful eye-catching photos and videos.

With more and more people using Instagram, it became essential for fashion and beauty brands to be on Instagram. Nothing is more popular this day then virtual window shopping and gathering insights about the latest trends, as soon as they come out.

Fashion and beauty are easier to access on Instagram than on any other social network platform. For example, if you want to see currently popular fashion trends, you can use #OOTD hashtag. This is Outfit Of The Day app where you can see most recent popular fashion photos.

As much as buyers use Instagram to find out everything about beauty and fashion brands they want to know, the sellers use Instagram for gathering information about what their customers like or do not like, what is their current gravitating field, so they ensure they are sticking to current trends.

This way of selling products became very popular because customers can always take a peek and see what is new, and also fans get engaged by sharing, commenting, liking.

427000 Instagram images were shared and 113 million people were engaged by bloggers or other social influences or models who took part in this phenomenon, just during the New york Fashion Week 2016.

Social influencers play a major role in the beauty and fashion brands on Instagram because they can help brands reach a new audience, but also their critical opinion towards some brands can make customers think twice before they purchase something.

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This influence is usually top models, fashion magazine editors or some other people well known in the fashion business. This is why it is very important for beauty and fashion brands to work with them closely and to make them part of their teams one way or another. They can make a big impact on a brand just based on their beauty recommendations. Customers trust their online opinion that they make on Instagram because they connect with brands just on a personal level, so when they post something their followers trust them.

Their Instagram followers want to stay trendy and they admire their lifestyle. That is why their photos or post can sometimes tell a lifestyle story many would like to follow.

So, bottom line is to interact with your followers, so you can give them an extra push to purchase some of your products. This is why Instagram is a perfect tool for fashion and beauty brands not only to engage followers toward their products but also to use the app to test products and make strategies for future advertisement. This app gives them the information they can use to understand what customer want, also gives them a better idea of how to spend their budget to make sure their money put in advertising will pay off. It may also help them change their marketing plan and give them the right direction to the specific target.

The bottom line is you should always think how to upgrade you Instagram fashion and beauty Instagram by making it different from the others. You need a clever approach to this so you can beat the competition by seeing unique, by standing out because you know how to communicate to your customers, by making your product best money value on the market. Be creative, take an excision and always be informed. Good information at the right time is your kid to success.

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