How do I clear my search history?

How do I clear my search history?

As any other application, Instagram keeps track of your search history. This is usually useful for users because they can easily find them again in the future without searching again and also your future search suggestions are made accordingly to your previous searches.On the other hand,  sometimes you have a reason and you want to cover your tracks, you can clear your search history.

This option is available to all iPhone and Android users and procedure is more or less the same. You can choose to clear entire search suggestions on Instagram or just particular ones.

Clear Entire Search Suggestions on Instagram

If you want to clear entire search history on Instagram you have to open your Instagram application and go to your profile and there you select  Settings at top right. Now you opened your Options screen and you need to scroll down and select Clear Search History.  To make sure you did everything right, you just go back and tap on the search bar. With this simple few steps, you will delete all the top searches, people, tags and locations from your search history.  If you still see your search history, then the reason could be that some or all your search history are stored in the application data folder in your device. Go to your application data and clear it so you delete search history from this folder.

For Android phones: From your device, many go to Settings and scroll down the settings page and then tap on ‘Applications’ or ‘Apps’ and you should see a list of your applications. Tap on Instagram and go to the Instagram page. You scroll down and tap on ‘Clear cache’ button. This process will delete your saved logs too, so you will have to sign in again on Instagram  next time you want to use it.

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For Apple phones: You go to ‘Settings’ on your iPhone or iPad and scroll down to your applications and tap Instagram. Then tap on ‘Clear Cache and App data‘ and this will clear your search history, but your login details too. So, next time you want to use Instagram, just log in again.

Delete Particular Instagram search suggestion

If you do not want to clear whole search history, but just particular one, you can do this too.

You open your Instagram application and then tap Search icon that is next to Home icon. When you tap on the search bar, Search History will show on your screen. You select the search you want to delete from Top, People or Tags and make a long tap on it. Then select Hide from shown options and that particular search suggestion will be removed. If you want to delete another search, you do this process again.

This way you can  clear some specific tags or people from Instagram search history.

As you see there are ways for you to clear your Instagram search history. You just have to be sure if you want to clear the whole history or just some particular Instagram search you did. In any case, be careful so you do not delete something you do not want to.





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