Introducing stories on Instagram

Introducing stories on Instagram

Instagram constantly finds new ways to make things more interesting, to put new dynamics to the Instagram community. One of the newest possibilities of Instagram is a possibility to make a slideshow of photos or videos that stay on your accounts homepage for 24 hours and then it is removed automatically.  People use this stories if they want to make some statement, or if they want to share something significant for that day, but they do not want that to stay as a regular post on their account.

Instagram Stories allow you to post photo or video slideshow which your  followers will see  without you building a new audience in a different application.

Instagram Stories  is used globally for iOS and Android smartphones.  It is a way for brands to post more without overwhelming people’s feeds and if they do it the right way it can be a very effective way for promotion.

People say it is very much like Snapchat, but for adults. You can compare those two applications, but it is not about who invented something, it is about a format, and how you take it to a network and put your own stamp on it.

Instagram Stories let you share all the moments of your day, not just the ones you want to keep on your profile. You make your day story out of multiple photos and videos. With this app, you can share as much as you want throughout the day without thinking about over posting. As creative as you are, your Stories will be more or less inviting to your followers. You can give your story new life in many ways. It all depends on what message you want to post, and how creative you are. The photos and videos  disappear after 24 hours and  they will not appear on your profile.

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Many people chose to share something this way and you can see it in a bar at the top of your feed. When there is something new to see, their profile photo will be rounded by a colorful ring.

If you want to view someone’s story, you tap on their profile photo and you will be able to go beck and forward or jump to something else. You can also comment or make a private comment on Instagram Direct.

Everything you do on your profile will follow the privacy settings you made, so it includes your Instagram stories too. If you want to narrow the circle of people who can view your stories, even more, you can do it too. Also, you can choose to feature a particular part of your story by posting on your profile.

Instagram stories are a beautiful thing to make and to share with your followers. This can be a great story about the beautifull day you spent with your loved one or amazing nature slideshow you made from the photos you took that day, but also a powerful tool for your business to make a statement. If you are creative, have the vision and make time to think it through, you can make only the sky your limit.




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