What is Instagram and Why Is It So Popular?

What is Instagram and Why Is It So Popular?

If somebody asks you about what is Instagram? Your immediate reaction will be that how backward and out of fashion is the person asking a question. It is only because of its popularity that makes us think that.

Instagram is a social media released at the end of 2010. It was developed for sharing picture in an interesting way within your friend circle. It was initially released for iPhone only, but with the passage of time, great popularity and demand makes its developers to launch this software for android and blackberries phone also. This social channel is most used social media channel all over the world. Its users are increasing day by day due to its appealing features. Its use is not just limited for entertainment purpose but also many people use it as a best digital marketing channel attraction giant market.

Have you ever thought that there are many social media channels serving people from years and years but what is new and attractive in Instagram that makes it so popular among all social media channel?

Listed below are the appealing features that make Instagram most popular:

Simple to startup with:

Instagram is a social media that is very easy to start. You do not have to fill a lot of information to open the account. Simply select a user name, set a password, start enjoying the services by sharing pictures, following your friends, and allow them to follow you to view their pictures.

Innovative photo sharing idea:

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Instagram comes up with the idea of sharing pictures with different effects and appealing titles. The edited photo could be shared on other social media also like Facebook, twitter etc… Another interesting feature is that the description of the pictures is written with hashtags and without spaces.

Picture filters:

Pictures using filters look different and appealing. There are almost 11 unique filters available on Instagram to apply them on your posted pictures.

Privacy option:

Instagram has a unique function that it does not allow anyone to save your picture not even your friend following you. Secondly, you cannot zoom the picture of someone else.

Easy to find friend:

Instagram is a friendly social network that allows easy access to follow you friends when you are new. It provides a platform to look all your twitter and facebook friends using Instagram.

Finding People to Follow


For the entertainment purpose, there are a number of famous communities linked with Instagram. You can easily find out these communities and start following them.


Marketing is the most interesting feature of Instagram. You just have to maintain a page with some attractive pictures of your product or services. People will view the pictures and start ordering online for your services or product. It cost nothing to maintain a page but if you ask for advertisement on Instagram there are some nominal charges applied on that.

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