What happens if I accidentally approved a follower

What happens if I accidentally approved a follower

Social networks sometimes make us behave differently than we would normally do and we want to be noticed, to have more and more comments or like on our posts…

Instagram is all about breathtaking photos, about inspiration, about the lifestyle that we lead or we want to lead.

Sometimes we tend to do things just to impress others. We are excited to see our posts get more and more comments and photos get more and more likes. That is why sometimes  when using Instagram  we jus do something spontaneously or mechanically, so it is not strange if we accidentally approve a follower that we did not really want to approve. Also, after we communicate to someone for some amount of time, we realize that we have nothing in common with that person, or that she or he is annoying, or rude, so we regret that we ever approved that person to follow us in the first place.

Instagram has the possibility to help us overcome this problem. You just have to decide how restricted approach to your account you want to give to some particular person.

Instagram help is always available but it is always better if you discuss this problem with the person you have a problem with. If you do not want that person to know how you feel about it, you can always pretend everything is ok, and then you turn to Instagrams help.

While this process you should know that it is not enough to unfollow someone on the Instagram, because he can still follow you and there are no restrictions you can make for that person to view your post. The only way to prevent this is to block them, and that is the way you remove them from your Instagram Followers list.

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If you want to block someone, after visiting that person’s profile, tap on three horizontal dots at the right corner and then select Block User from the options list.





















Once you have blocked them, they will not just be removed from your follower’s list, but also, they will not be able to see any of your posts anymore. If you want to make sure you did this correctly, you just go to your Instagram profile  and select followers. The person you blocked should not be on the list.


If you want to unblock that person, for any reason, you can do that anytime. If you unblock them, they will be able to see your posts, but the will not be in your follower list.


 If you want to unblock someone you visit their profile and find three horizontal dots in the right corner of their profile. Tap on that dots, and when you get your menu, select Unblock User.
















We all do embarrassing things sometimes and we have to live with that. The good thing about making the unwilling thing on social media is that sometimes you can take things back. Instagram gives you the tools to fix things that you do by accident. You can decide how, when and if you will choose them.

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