How Instagram Is Transforming Professional Cooking

How Instagram Is Transforming Professional Cooking

Instagram can help build a chef`s rep and clientele. Dining has reached an era when everyone with a decent eye is making quality photos that can even match magazine quality ones. If you search food hashtag on Instagram you will be amazed how many perfect images of meals you will find.

Chefs are embracing this new era in a great way but they know that a good food photo for Instagram has to be carefully planned with creativity and thinking about the statement you want to make.

Photo of the new dish with daring ingredients and thoughtful presentation that famous chefs  put on their account encourage people to post similar photos on their account and make a story about their new restaurant experience, or best food they ate for a long time, or something that is just like their grandmother made.

Photographers made photos of food for a long time now, but they were professional photographers who recognized the beauty of food. Now, with these modern technologies, everyone can take a food photo and post it on his account.

This makes chefs compete in making better meals and better presentations because they never know when their meal will appear in a photo that will be seen by millions of people and commented on them. This puts extra pressure on chefs because they have to think not only cooking areas but also plating spaces.

Instagram gives chefs to interact with their followers, fans and new customers which can improve their work in many ways. The most important one is the inspiration that they can get from post and comments their followers make. Also, their work is now exposed to the whole world, not just to the people come to their restaurants.

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We can look at this like a new fashion trend. Some chefs refuse to let photographers into their chicken, but they are willingly working with them  after the dish is made and ready for presentation.

At the same time, Instagram is a special place where chefs interact with each other too. They can exchange ideas, comment each other work and inspire each other. But, this is one big ongoing competition where chefs compete. They look at the post; want to have as many likes as possible, best comments…

The transformation made to professional cooking made by Instagram is implemented in many aspects of this field. For example, young people who are interested in cooking now have a chance to see masterpieces of their idols, to interact with them and get to know them. This way, professional cooking becomes more accessible to people and young people get inspired to try to make this their life path too.

Professional cooks get a chance to meet people from all over the world and by interacting with them may find some precious ones, who they would like to have in their working team.

Although Instagram has put an additional pressure to professional cooks, it also opened the world to them and their work. Their work became an artwork people all over the world can admire.

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