4 Ways to become Instagram Hipster

4 Ways to become Instagram Hipster

You want to be an Instagram hipster and you do not know how. You have to follow few basic things so you can create a real Instagram hipster account. If you do everything right, you will have an account with inspiring hipster photos, posts, and videos.

When you chose your user name for this account, try to pick a name that will include something from your own name and your last name and you join them with an underscore. You can mix your name with something you are passionate about, or the one that rhymes so they stick to people’s minds. Avoid childish or cute names because you are a hipster!

The bio you write should describe your personality in just a few words. Just list some things that are important to you. You can identify your city in your bio, but just say where you are from, and nothing more.

Try to think about some quote that will connect your followers to your personality. It can be funny but not childish. You should quote something that will differ you from the others and what will be specific so your follower remembers it quickly.

You should choose your profile the best it represents you. You can make portrait style, on some beautiful location or a photo showing you in your best element. Also, the photo will look even better if you give it a vintage feel.

Hipster clothing is specific. Flames, hiking boots with a wool sock, skinny jeans, a beanie… You have to remember eyewear too. Oversized plastic frame glasses, Ray Ban, round glasses etc. Always pick vintage items white mainstream labels.

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Women should also wear cute vintage dresses, floppy hats, leggings…

You should be very careful with hashtags because you do not want to annoy your followers. Popular hipsters use #livefolk, #fromwhereistand, #liveauthentic and similar. This hashtags will get you attention from hipsters world wide.

It would be great if you could come out with your own hashtags that other people might use. Try to combine emojis instead of text caption.

You do not want to get annoying to your followers so the best thing to do is to post once, maybe twice a day. Choose your best photos, but try to avoid selfies because it’s definitely not hipster

There are services you can use to find out what is the best time for you to post your photos, so you get most views, likes, and comments.

If you want to make real hipster photos, you have to have VSCO app. It is essential for editing hipster photos. They have a lot of filters and different ways to make great hipster photos so they look like professional ones. Many people search by using #vscocam hashtag so make sure you use it too. This will guarantee you at least a few followers a day and likes even from strangers.

We gave you just some ideas to get you started, but you have to give it all your stamp. If people see you are honest in what you do, they will respond. So, make photos of things you like to do, or with people you care about, you will get a respond and followers will starting to multiple.

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To make thing even better, use Everyday app for time-lapse. Take a selfie every day for one year and when the year is over, turn them into a gif. This can be a way to celebrate your one year of Instagram hipster.

Remember, people notice honesty and know how to appreciate this. So, be yourself, give the best you can to show that trough your Instagram photos and videos, and give yourself time to become the real hipster.



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