Ways to Keep Your Instagram Account Safe

Ways to Keep Your Instagram Account Safe

People nowadays are putting much of  their time to social media sites. You can choose from Facebook, Twitter or Instagram depending of  your needs. I’ve tried these social media sites and I think they’re really a big help to each and everyone. But then our focus for this topic is about Instagram and how to make your account safe. We share almost everything about our lives but then we have to be careful as there are people using what you post in the internet. That is why we have to be sure that our account is safe.

In Instagram and any social media, there is a portion wherein personal information needed to be shared. Be cautious in sharing like your phone number as even if it is marked as private, still you’re not sure if it is really private.

Sharing your location is also something you have to think of. As many people have been addicted to these sites they became incautious of what they are doing. Forgetting the importance of privacy. I had seen some events that transpired wherein sharing your location tends to robbery or stealing especially if you post of where are you at the present.

Consider your audiences. Sharing to different social media accounts by linking one account to another  can lead to new and numerous audiences which tends them to know more about your life.

Consider having your account private.  I don’t assure you that is really private though at least you will experience a little privacy. You can do this by going to your app, clicking the gear icon in the upper right and toggle the private option  and I think this can’t be use using the website, just use the app itself.

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Be cautious of what you click. Don’t just click any other links that you think is a spam. Then here are also needed to be considered before engaging yourself to Instagram

Ask yourself if you are a public person, If let say  you don’t want to share your photos to everyone try keeping you profile photos private.  You can do this by going to your Instagram click the three dots and find  private account make sure that security setting is ON. Also you can block unknown followers as nowadays you are not sure if these people are nice or not. Block those who you don’t want to see your photos.

If there are someone who tried to tag you in a photo and you don’t want other people to see it then do manual approving of photo tags you can do this by accessing to the photo of you area tap the menu button in the right corner choose the option to add photos manually to your profile.

Another helpful tip is if you want to be sure that you are the only one  who has the access to your account activate two-factor authentication. This will help you to monitor who tries to open your account. As you log in to your account a text message will be received on your mobile to confirm if you are the one logging in to the account. These are just some of the tips. For sure you will learn more to other reviews of the site.

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