How is Instagram keeping art alive?

How is Instagram keeping art alive?

Instragram got the boost with the introduction of smart devices in the market, as it use became an ease for user. The use of these smart devices in the art institution― from MoMA to Meet to Louvre has pedant fume. Although, there is a criticism and suggestions by many to ban this extreme use of smart phones in the institutions, museums and art galleries. As, it seem to be a trouble and a negative use to be used in these particular areas.

Recently, according to a survey report by Pew Institute “about 81% of galleries and museums think that art is supported and promoted by the internet and social media.” Before it was hard to keep the art alive and requires a lot of efforts but today the young generation is promoting the art by creating communities and pages over the social media network like twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other social media networks.

Not only the art is grabbing benefits from social media network, individuals do have benefits. The art lovers visit the art museums and galleries and capture the snaps and videos in artistic way. When these visitors post those videos and pictures on the Instagram, it draws the attentions of not online artists but also of the people who loves art. In the last six most in New York, Instagram trend played about three times more. Capturing the pictures of James Turrrell and then posting on the social media including Instagram became a trend months ago.

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A decade ago, it was hard to know about the art and people were unable to reach the artistic museum. However, Instagram played an important role for keeping the art alive. Most importantly, artists are getting as a single community in the globe through social media communities. Not only the previous art is introduced but also the new art is promoted through Instagram.

Well! Social media has no limits to share because of the introduction of smart devices, 3G and 4G internet services. Internet is accessible on all devices without any limits, which is the basic, plus point for social media. Millions of photos are uploaded on the social media network on daily basis. However, you will ask all the photos belong to art. You need to understand the answer as the answer is also artistic. If you go through the pictures you will find in all the pictures, every single picture do contain art. It means daily millions of artistic pictures are uploaded on the social media network, which is keeping the art alive.

Most of the people think that art can only be found in the galleries and museums but in actual the art is everywhere and you need an artistic eye to see the art in an image. In short, the teenagers and young generation are keeping the art alive and playing their role knowingly or unknowingly. The taste of art is not only in the artists painting, it is also in the selfies taken by young.


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