Cyberbullying on Instagram

Cyberbullying on Instagram

Like every other social media, Instagram is not protected from private threats, hate speech, identity or intellectual property theft etc. People can be bullied in my ways on Instagram.

If you are a target, someone can post an insulting photo with your username tag, or they can post cruel comments under your post. Also, someone can tag you trough “Add People” option on the Share screen. Hateful hashtags can be added under a photo that you post or that someone else posts as well.

All this are good enough reasons to make your account private, so only people you approve to follow you will get to see your photos or post and make comments.

Still, bullying possibilities are not stopped with this. Someone can create a fake account to impersonate someone else and be cruel to people through comments, hashtags or comments. This thing happens often among teenagers.

Sometimes friends get into stupid arguments and they have a need to revenge, so they use Instagram and from friends and followers they become bullies.

Posting screenshots of private text messages are very common. Your private thoughts suddenly are not more your private thoughts but a public matter. Then other people get involved, comments are made that can be very offensive, and it all goes into circles over and over again.

Facetime is a video chat option that bullies use to catch their targets in some private or embarrassing moments. They use this videos to post them on Instagram and to humiliate someone.

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Catfish is not so well known way of bullying. But it is bullying. Catfish means someone creates fake identity account on Instagram and he uses this account to bait someone into a romantic relationship.

Most of the time this is used in order to become closes with someone to that point he or she will be completely opened to you and they will share personal and intimate information or stories. Later, more bull uses this information, stories, photos or videos to humiliate and embarrass his primary target.

This can go even further, and bullets targets become a single woman who is good situated and they get them to the point that they start getting the money from that woman.

Once you get in this spider’s web, it is very hard to get out.

If you are bullied or harassed by another person you have to report it. The same thing you do if you think someone is pretending to be you or someone else on Instagram. After you reported that person, you should block them on your Instagram.

There are so many things we can do to help put an end to bullying. It is important to start with doing things in our own home first.

Bullying is most common among teenagers so you should make and effort and talk to your kids and try to make them be open to you. Help them understand what bullying is and teach them how to protect themselves. Do not preach, this will only have a contra effect. Just talk to them, give them some examples what can happen if bullying is not stopped and it goes too far, explains to them that no one deserves to be treated like this, and be a good role model to them.

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Also, the best way kids can stop a bully from continuing is to ignore what is being said and walk away. If the bully has no reaction from the intended target, chances are he or she will eventually stop. But walking away does not mean the child should not tell a trusted adult what happened. It is important to let someone know just in case walking away does not stop the bully.

The best way to stop bullying is to ignore everything more bull comments or does. You just walk away. Bullies need a reaction. If they do not get one, they usually give up.

Of course, in cases where your identity is stolen, or your intellectual property is stolen or damaged, you have to report right away.

Being a bullying victim is not easy at all and you should not deal this situation on your own. A friend, parent, teacher or someone else you trust can help you deal with this problem and solve it. It is also important to speak up and be opened about what happened to you so it may help some other people to stop these things happen to them too.

Bullers have to be exposed, because they are just cowards and we have to stop to ruin even one day of our life.







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