Celebrating Halloween with Instagram

Celebrating Halloween with Instagram

Halloween is a time of superstition and celebration. It`s origins date way beck to the ancient Celtic Samhain, over the time Helloween became a community-based event. When we think of Halloween, we think about child-friendly activities of which the most known is  trick-or-treat. In many countries around the world, nights get colder and days get shorter, and people use this winter seasons for gathering, costumes and treats.

It may sound incredible but for Halloween, one-quarter of all the candy purchased in America is sold. People dress in costumes and this holiday is always filled with magic, superstition, and mystery. Halloween superstitions rely on the good will of the spirits whose presence Celts felt too. As so many things are going on, and people want to show off everything, Instagram became the perfect place for that. Halloween on Instagram has its private and business side.

People dress up, go to parties, spend time with their kids. While doing this, they make videos and photos that post almost in the real time. They interact with each other, comment, like… Instagram becomes one crowded place.

Many celebrities use Halloween hashtag to show what they are dong that day. Their main goal is to promote themselves that day and to get as many new followers possible, to get likes from their current ones and only best comments about their lifestyle. It is not uncommon that they get involved in some charity work that day so they spent Halloween in different places, with different people.

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When you think about Halloween you think about the freewheeling spirit of holiday and fun. Oll over the countries there  are celebrations, festivals, parties. People have haunted tours, spooky rituals and they seek delight that night.

Custome sellers use Halloween on their Instagram account to make their product more approachable to more people. Well known events like Village Halloween Prade in New York City, or the month long Sleepy Hollow Halloween, West Hollywood  Carnaval, have their Instagram accounts.

On this accounts, they post upcoming events, photos from the events going on. They have their own hashtags so they get even more visits. Also, people posting photos on their private accounts use the same hashtags so it brings them, even more, views. Just imagine if 500000 people come to West Hollywood Carnival how many Instagram photos and post they make and post.

Halloween Instagram hashtags get many sports events that are taking place at this time. Children and their parents or guardians get free tickets for many sports events where players come and play costumed too. They all like to make memories photos and share them.

All this seems like Halloween madness happening all over the country, and Instagram Halloween madness at the same time. Halloween is the day when it is all about parties, customers, people haveing fun of the lifetime, and also when all the spooky stuff is happening.

No matter if you are a famous pop star, a successful businessman, teacher, student or a two-year-old, just call the child in you to come out, put the scariest costume on, gather with your family or friends, or just go out on the streets. Fun is all over and there are so many things you can do.

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If you are alone, take a selfie, post it on Instagram, make a comment that you need a friend to hang on, and in just a second you will flow with offers.  Go out there and have fun. And do not forget to make a memory and share with everyone else. Hashtag Halloween.


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