5 Instagram Safety Tips for Teens

5 Instagram Safety Tips for Teens

In this present era not only adults but also a teen who are not aware of this brutal worlds are moving towards the use of the social media like Instagram. No doubt, these social media are developed with the positive purpose of linking people closer with each other from every corner of the world, but some messy-minded people are misusing these social media and trap the teens who are not well aware of the privacy setting. These cruel people misuse their pictures edit them and start blackmailing teens to insist them to do prohibited things. Therefore, the parents of the teens who are active on Instagram must do some changes in the settings on their kids Instagram account to keep them safe and away from all the thrones.

Following are the five essential tips that every teen parents must follow to make Instagram use safe for their child.

Setting privacy:

Instagram has a privacy setting about allowing people to follow you. Change the privacy by going to the setting and allow people to follow your child account only by accepting the request and make your child alert not to allow someone to follow you unless the person asking for the request is someone who you know well.  Without the setting of privacy, anyone can mention your name and start following you and can misuse the pictures your child posted randomly

Cautious about profile picture:

It is becoming a trend to upload your own picture as a profile picture. Despite having, privacy setting do not allow your child to make their picture as a profile photo. the World have progressed a lot, with the simple procedure of typing your full name on google will open your whole personal data, your school name, sibling, parents, your address, age, date of birth etc.. When someone will enter your full name all the pictures of the person will appear having the same name and with the profile picture, anyone can get information about your child.

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Sharing location:

Now a day’s social media like Instagram and Facebook are coming up with the location service option. By setting on location service, anyone can trace the person where he or she actually took the photo. Google map will locate the exact position with a small dot mark on the map. Do not allow your child to use these location services and check their phone whether the location service is on or off.

Followers and followings:

Make your child know about all the aspects of Instagram being misused. Make them alert about an excessive number of followers and following. Both should be limited because more people you follow will allow more people to view your random pictures. People normally trap the kids by making fake accounts of girls.

Be aware of your child:

Parents of a teen should be friendly with their child and ask them to show their account frequently. Have a detailed check of account and in case if you find any irrelevant person make your child block them.

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