Top Instagram HashTags for Entertainment Topics

Top Instagram HashTags for Entertainment Topics

Instagram is a social media just like Facebook, twitter and snap chat, but the interesting thing about Instagram is that it uses hashtags for the description of the picture posted. In hashtags, one just writes a description without spaces and uses many hash sign in it. The use of hashtags instead of spaces makes it interesting and appealing. Diverse tags are used in Instagram, among all the tags the most common used for the entertainment topics are as follow:


The love is the most commonly used tag in the Instagram. It usually describes your love for the picture. This tag is used in the description for the pictures of baby, parents, friends, food, favorite pets or celebrities.


This tag used for random photos that you feel they are good, like picture of raindrops on a car scenery or pleasant weather


This tag is often used to explain one best feeling of the day in one word. Like a beautiful moment captures of baby smiling, picture showing affection between mother and baby or any other scene that looks complete and beautiful


Tbh tag stands for throwback Thursday. It describes the situation in which shows our lazy moments of the week when there is nothing to do except laying on the bed or doing useless activities.


It is the simplest hashtag. There is no need to describe it. It is used in the description under the cute picture of an animal or baby.

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Posting pictures and tagging me under it is also very common. People usually post their random picture and tag themselves as a description.


This tag is used to increase the number of followers. Usually, an interesting photo is posted with description to follow me, means that if you like it then start following me for more interesting pictures.


This tag explains your happiness and the reason behind the happiness in the picture. It can be possibly the news of becoming parent or uncle or aunt.


This description shows your liking towards particular fashion trend, like description under the picture of new shoes of the brand you love


Taking pictures of your own self is known as selfie. Selfie is tagged under your own random pictures taken on different occasions.


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