Keeping Comments Safe on Instagram

Keeping Comments Safe on Instagram

Using Instagram for posting photos and videos can cause people make different comments on your posts. Some of this comments can be inappropriate and you really do not want to have them on your account.

Instagram has keywords moderation tools to help you hide comments that you do not want to be seen on your photos. One of this tools is very simple. It is “Hide Inappropriate Comments” switch. Turning this feature on, comments will be hidden that contain a word that is reported as inappropriate.

One more filter is a custom keyword filter. Using this feature you can add words that you want to be filtered out of the comments on your photos.

This features you can find them on your profile in the Instagram application, tapping the Options button, then Comments slide of Setting section.

There is one more option and that is Turn off commenting. It means you can now delete comments and set up keywords that will block a comment.

 Instagram has also auto hide option, that allows auto hides any comments with offensive words or phrases. This option you can find in sub many of your application settings and it is Comment Moderation.

The Instagram community has the diversity of members and it is its beauty. Different types of people who have different genders, sexual orientation, abilities, different races, and origins get together in one place no matter where they live and make comments and posts and communicate with each other. Most of the time it is a positive place and people enjoy interacting with each other.

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But, sometimes there can be some sparkles that can easily start a fire no one really could predict, and no one wanted to happen. Misunderstandings, different opinion or just a bad day, can escalate in people beeing mean to each other and make inappropriate, bullying or even hatred posts.

It is good thing Instagram has tools to prevent this thing to happen and to make an Instagram happy place to be.

Keyword moderation is a tool anyone can use. It lets you make your own list of words you consider inappropriate. Comments with that words will be hidden from your post. We have to say not everyone has the same criteria when we talk about the inappropriate word. So this makes this personal like it is supposed to be.

This tools are not just solutions for this complex problem, but a way to work together and to solve problems , so we all together keep Instagram a great place to stay in and be able to express yourself and to be able to talk to people about your opinion, no matter if you think alike or not. Also, it is important to talk to each other even if you do not have the same opinion on some topic.



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