Your business is incomplete if you’re not on Instagram

Your business is incomplete if you’re not on Instagram

You may not have noticed, but Instagram has long evolved from ‘that photo-sharing app all the teenagers are talking about’ to ‘a critical tool for social media branding.’ Its increasing population of young and vibrant users presents it as one of the places consumers go to get impressions on business or brand through the visual media.

Yes, Instagram is now the star of social networks, and recent polls show that Instagram has swept young people off their feet as they consider it the most important social network. This is not surprising since we all know how easy it is to engage with pictures and videos than with short paragraphs.

If you still haven’t got your business onto Instagram, the word on the streets is that you may be limiting your business or worse yet, you may have been killing your business yourself and here is why:

  1. 1000 words in a snap:

The fact that Instagram is mainly for sharing of pictures and videos makes it intimidating to a lot of business owners who do not perceive themselves as a media company or as one that has products to display. However, Instagram should not intimidate you but rather challenge you to get creative. If you are a service company, Instagram gives you the opportunity to say a lot of your firm’s culture and respect for the environment in just one snap. What could the picture of a staff properly disposing garbage do for your business? Try posting it on the Gram.

  1. Instagram is the King of Social engagements:
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The effects of your photos and videos can only be felt by people who see them. This brings us to some hard figures. Instagram today has over 700 million users with 60% of Instagram users logging in daily. With over 90% of Instagram users under the age of 35, Instagram boast of more engagements with brands than with any other social network. So, why would you want to deny your business exposure to more than half-a-billion people who will gladly engage with it?

  1. Instagram is more than just pictures:

If you still think that Instagram is just for pictures, then you are at a loss. Instagram have been used by businesses to collect feedbacks directly from users and to host contests that get people talking about your business. Instagram is pictures and all your other business needs.

  1. Instagram helps you cultivate your followings:

When you get people to follow you on Instagram, you create an audience that will grow with your brands. This will ensure the sustainability of your business and improve its referrals. Besides, the young followers of today will quickly grow into consumers tomorrow.

  1. Soft Sell: 

What we all want as business owners is sales and truthfully why have a business if you don’t sell? Buyers are known to be influenced by what they see and by social media discussions around a product. Instagram, therefore, is one easy way to soft sell since it lets you create visually appealing add to people who trust you enough to follow you.


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