What should you know about Socks!!!

What should you know about Socks!!!

Socks are a specially made garment for the foot which also covers the ankle, some socks go as high as the lower calf and some socks go as high as the knee or even the lower thigh. Socks are usually made out of materials like wool, cotton, nylon, polyester and varied blends of these materials. Socks provide a great level of comfort when it comes to footwear by cushioning the feet and toes which minimizes chafing, blisters, bruising, abrasion and general irritation. Socks provide a pleasant experience while wearing footwear for a variety of activities such as work, play or sporting activities. Socks absorb sweat and help keep the feet dry which minimizes foot odor. Socks act as a sort of cleaning mechanism when worn with footwear because they absorb dust, dirt and lint which causes foot odor when mixed with sweat. Socks can even be worn indoors at home without footwear on those really cold days and you want your feet to feel warm and cozy. Socks are also more fashionable than many people realize or pay attention to but there are some norms with regards to wearing these little garments such as tube socks for sports teams along with matching in colors and varied insignia. In the corporate world, people tend to wear dark colored socks with their suits and shoes. Schools with uniform policy require students to typically wear white or black socks which help create an atmosphere of order, uniformity and seriousness. As for casual wear, anything thing goes, it all comes down to personal preference, personal fashion tastes, or for a particular event or activity. Iz-sock.com provides socks made from high quality materials with specially-crafted fabric blends. Iz-sock.com has specially-blended socks to keep feet warm in cold weather and socks to keep feet cool in warm weather. At iz-sock.com you can find a wide variety of sleek and fashionable socks to suit your many needs.

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