Bamboo Socks! Get it now

Bamboo Socks! Get it now

Bamboo socks are socks made from a specially designed fabric which is woven from the pulp of the bamboo tree. The process involves crushing the bamboo up into a pulp after which an enzyme is added to break it down even further, after which it can be spun into yarn. Similarly to the bamboo tree, the bamboo fabric is strong and light with great wicking properties. Wicking is the inherent ability to absorb moisture. This unique property makes bamboo socks 3-4 times more absorbent than socks made from other materials.

Bamboo socks are very breathable and also absorb moisture from the skin which helps keep your feet cool, dry and comfortable. Bamboo socks also help to reduce rubbing, chafing, general discomfort and irritation associated with footwear and physical activity. Bamboo socks will keep your feet cool in warm weather, and keep your feet warm in cold weather. Bamboo socks will retain their color much longer as compared to their cotton counterparts, so they will not wash out as quickly or as easily thus keeping them looking great for a very long time. Bamboo socks are also hypoallergenic which means it is less likely to cause you to have an allergic reaction which is great for people with sensitive skin.

The bamboo fiber in itself has antibacterial properties which work against foot odor which helps keep your feet fresher for longer. It is scientifically proven that bamboo fibers contain anti bacterial properties which eliminates odor causing bacteria, this property is retained even after washing more than 50 times according to the Chinese Textile Industry Testing Centre in 2003. Bamboo fabrics will maintain this special quality when washed in cold or warm water. Since bamboo socks contain bamboo fiber, it is more biodegradable and environmentally friendly than many other material alternatives on the market. You may visit the site for more information

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