Best Ways to get instagram followers

Best Ways to get instagram followers

Just started using instagram??? Yes!!! Then this article might help you in a better way and give you some tips that how to get more and more followers. Actually engaging people is the game here but engagement should be proper and interesting. Don’t post too much random that people get annoyed in fact post interesting. Here are some ways to get maximum followers on instagram:

  1. Using hashtags can maximize the number of followers like #FF (Follow Friday), #l4l (Like for like) and #followback.
  2. Follow and like hundreds of popular and random pictures so that your profile may get noticed and the followers increases.
  3. Engage people by arranging a contest and there you can promote.
  4. Connect and promote the instagram profile on other social media websites like facebook.
  5. Comment and like other people’s pictures with more followers, so that it can work out for you too.
  6. Use famous hashtags like #instagood, #photooftheday and #love to appear in search.
  7. Try to post in the afternoon and people usually login during 2pm-5pm.
  8. Quantity and quality matters equally but compromise on quantity not quality.
  9. Search people and user with popular hashtags like #followme.
  10. Use an effective filter like Mayfair filter that really works for marketers.
  11. Don’t create spammy profile, make sure to complete the bio data and necessary profile details.
  12. Tag the photo with a question mark tag line. A tremendous way of engaging.
  13. Sunday is the holiday around the world so post more on Sunday to get visible to followers.
  14. Consistency is the key. You must know your target audience.
  15. Instagram will suggest you to follow some profiles, following them may help you reach your target audience.
  16. Piqora is the easy way to track the photos that are highly engaging. Go for it and like the photos.
  17. For local businesses use geotagging of photo, this is a nice way to reach the local targeted users.
  18. Picture collage that is combining together a number of pictures can better way of engaging people and get followers.
  19. You can ask an influential profile to tag you in their photos. Brands can be promoted in such a way.
  20. Color therapy works… likes is hit on blue rather than orange and red.
  21. Photos and images mid week to get 24% more hit and likes.
  22. To get more followers, promote your instagram account via email subscribers.
  23. You can track your account progress with Iconosquare to better proceed.
  24. Use photo editing options like Aviaryto reap your images and also add frames or effects.
  25. Building communities by engaging them through contest, campaign or challenge will increase your followers.
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