What Does Instagram Impressions Mean? (2020 Guide)

What Does Instagram Impressions Mean? (2020 Guide)


In the social media world, Instagram is among the biggest influences in our lives. Almost everyone uses it to share photos and videos, and it has so many features that we still don’t know. Since the beginning of Instagram Stories, it has even evolved more. Many celebrities, influencers, businesses benefit from Instagram’s variety of features to reach their viewers and audience. Another feature worth telling is Instagram impressions, which are usually confused with Instagram reach, but they are different in context. Reach is the quantity of individuals that have seen your post. Instagram impressions mean the total of times users see your sponsored post or ad, which means the number of times it appears on a screen on Instagram. Impressions do not count unique users.

Where to Find Impressions?

To find impressions, you need to view insights from your Instagram account. On the insights screen, you can find all other Instagram metrics. From the activity dashboard scroll to the bottom and you can find impressions under the content tab there.

What Is a Good Number of Impressions?

If your business deals with Instagram, tracking the metrics is important. Here what you need to pay attention to is the engagement rate. The engagement rate is the post engagement divided by post impressions. For example, an average engagement rate overall Instagram is %1-%2, but it differs according to the industry, sector, etc. To give an exact number as a good rate is not quite possible since there are many factors.

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FAQs on Instagram Impressions

What can I find in insights?

In the Insights section, you can reach your reach and impressions and other metrics such as engagements, profile visits, etc. under the content tab.

What is the audience tab in Instagram insights?

Audience tab shows you four algorithms of your followers: Age range, location, gender, and follower activity.

Conclusion of Instagram Impressions

This article explained what do Instagram impressions mean and a little bit about Instagram’s insights.  If you want to learn more about the app, we cover up many other popular topics in our articles.

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