Keep your Kids safe on Instagram

Keep your Kids safe on Instagram

For all we know Instagram is a social media sites wherein we posts photos and videos. If people think that its just photos and videos and is fine for the kids well think twice.

Aside for posting photos and videos, people tend to like and comment with these. Anything a person what to post will be seen here and also anything they want to comment. Like most of the social media sites, Instagram needs to be used by at least the age of 13 or older. Though you can monitor what your kids are sharing due to privacy settings, you still have to manage and monitor your kids who are using this app or better yet, let them wait till in their right age.

One of the things that must be considered is that kids tend to share everything without being conscious of what they are posting, which might be a risk for your privacy. Let say they post of their school activities that includes their location, it risks your privacy and maybe putting them in danger.

Also even if their account is private, you are not sure of who are their followers. You’re not sure if your kids know them. They can be strangers and nowadays, its really hard to trust anyone.

Being a social media site, Instagram also encounters cyber bullying that tends to hurt your kids. They might encounter someone hurting their emotions that’s why its so hard to trust and let your kids be using Instagram without any supervision.Even celebrities or even people at their right age experience cyber bullying. Some had taken it seriously that tends them to commit suicide other taken it lightly and just be positive, but then having a young age, you are not really sure of how the kids will take these bullying well.

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Another thing about being a social media site is that you are not aware of what is showing to the site. There are times mature content has shown and kids might seen it. There are options like having parental control on your computers, but then, still we are not sure of what they are seeing over the internet. These mature contents will surely affect their young minds.

The bottomline is its fine to use Instagram even at the age of 13 but just with moderation. Parents should know their passwords and often check their account to be sure and see what they are posting and who are their followers. Also if your kids have Instagram, you as parent also has to have one so that you’ll become familiar with the site and teach your keeps of safe online and be aware of whats going on in internet world.

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