How Does Instagram Affects Your Lifestyle

How Does Instagram Affects Your Lifestyle

Wanting to admit it or not, Instagram has a huge impact on our lives. Even if you are a person who does not take part in posting, you have to admit that you like to scroll and see what`s happening out there. Sometimes it is just to see friends new selfie, and as long as you are there just to have a peak on this, and a peak on that, and you look at the clock and realize coffee break is over.

This screen time is deeply in every aspect of our lives whether we talk about our friends or family, or about choices we want to make on some particular subject, or food, healthy living…

As Instagram is not just a place you share your photos and videos on, depending on the way you manage your time on Instagram and the things you use it for, it can have both positive and negative effects on your lifestyle.

Instagram can have positive effects on your life because it can be very inspiring. Depending on the lifestyle you want to lead, you chose people you want to follow. If you chose, for example, you want to get more engaged in health and fitness, there are great people you can follow who can have a positive influence on your life. By sharing their photos or videos, the can inspire you live much healthier life and change your bad habits.

Some of the people post challenges for their followers to help them promote exercise or healthy living. If you follow those challenges, you may, in fact, become more active.

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Instagram can also be great for sharing stories and getting impetus from Instagrammers from all around the world.

Nice dreamy photos have the power to move your focus on simple little things that can make your life beautiful. Tips how to make your best outfits, how to improve your living environment, or how to make simple dinner look like the one served in 5 stars hotels, can make you think positive and make you think what can you do for yourself and your everyday life so you improve it and make it better.

Also, people are very open about sharing their problems and you would not believe how fast tips began to come. You can get the best advice possible with so easy solution to your problem that you would never think of.

Now, we have, to be honest, and say it is not all that perfect. There is also a negative site Instagram affects your life. But it is not about Instagram, it is about you.

If you follow people with much more possibilities to live a lifestyle that is not affordable to you, you could easily get depressed and unhappy.

Also, if you decide to follow some famous model, for example, and you decide you want to look like her, you can get down to earth fast. You buy some things and make the copy of her outfit, you look at the mirror and you do not like what you see. You get on a strict diet, manage to lose weight and you manage, and again, you look in the mirror and you do not like what you see. Hello, she is 7 ft tall, and you are just 5 ft tall. You can never look like her.

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If you follow people that post just party pictures, you may get influenced by that and you will hate your life because you have to go to work every morning.

Instead of focusing on things you can not do, or things that are not your real lifestyle, focus on the ones that are, and you can benefit from using Instagram.









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